For Our City
Welcome to For Our City!

Since 2005, CARE INC has worked with Mayors to initiate and expand For Our City throughout Arizona.  Now, For Our City is operating in Tempe, Chandler, Graham County, Page and its surrounding Native American Reservations.  It is a catalyst for constructive change at community grassroots levels.  For Our City serves to create a level field where the municipal, business and faith leaders initiate community projects through establishing a “Host Committee” that networks to develop and collaborate into an alliance.  Please see our Founder's Page.

Click Here to find hundreds of local volunteer opportunities, from For Our City sponsors, and others, on the JustServe website.  Search by community or zip code for your area.  
Have a volunteer opportunity to list?  Just click on the link at the bottom of the JustServe website and enter the information.

In For Our City, every program is “Solution Based” versus "Issue Driven.”  Click on a logo for the City page.






Our Commitment:

  • Provide the structure and infrastructure for community collaboration
  • Receive and track local volunteerism with individual programs and municipalities
  • Maintain a ready to respond status of volunteers
  • Mobilize to meet people where they are at and share resources in tangible ways
  • Develop and Share “Best Practices” with municipalities throughout Arizona

Together Transforming Arizona from Competition to Compassion.  CARE INC and For Our City were founded by Jon McHatton.  Please see this page.