An Optometrist's Guide To Long-Term Vision

An Eye Doctor’s Makeup Tips For Healthy Eyes


Makeup is a great way to draw attention to your eyes. With the right cosmetics, you can make your eyes look brighter or broader. However, it’s important to be cautious when using makeup on the eyes. Below, you’ll find a few makeup tips for eye health from expert optometric physicians.

Don’t Mix And Match Your Makeup

If you’re low on eyeliner, you might be tempted to use a dark lip liner on your eyelids instead. However, even if the color is right, you should never use lip makeup on your eyes. You should also avoid using eye makeup on your lips.

If you mix and match your cosmetics, you risk spreading bacteria. If you’ve used a product on one part of the face, you need to keep using it in the same way.

Replace Your Eye Makeup Every Three Months

Eye makeup can go bad just like food can. That’s why you should replace your eye makeup several times a year. It’s recommended that you change your makeup with the seasons. Every three months, you should replace your old eyeliner and mascara with fresh new products.

The longer you keep your makeup around, the more likely it is that bacteria will start to grow there. Purchasing a fresh supply of eye makeup every few months can be a bit costly, but that small investment can help to keep your eyes healthy and infection-free.

Never Share Eye Makeup

Even if you and your closest friends share everything, you shouldn’t share eye makeup. Sharing makeup is an easy way to spread bacteria. Borrowing a friend’s mascara could wind up having some nasty consequences.

You should also avoid using sample makeup in stores. If a sample has been used by someone else, the bottle could be carrying bacteria. Even if you use a fresh applicator, you’re putting the health of your eyes at risk.

If you’re interested in testing cosmetics, you need to obtain samples that have never been used by anyone else before. Some cosmetic companies will be able to provide you with individual samples.

Remove All Of Your Makeup Before Sleeping

Never go to sleep with your makeup still on. You need to make sure that you remove all of your makeup before you go to bed at night. In some cases, water won’t be enough to wash your makeup away. You may want to use a makeup remover that is safe to use on the eyes.

Since the skin around your eyes is delicate, you may want to use something soft, like a clean cotton ball, when removing makeup from your eyes. Check carefully to make sure that all of the makeup has been removed.

There are a lot of useful and straightforward makeup tips that can help you keep your eyes on good health. Practice these safe makeup tips the next time you apply eye makeup. If you use cosmetics with care, you’ll be able to improve your appearance without causing harm to your eyes.

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